06 November 2011

My Brain on Time

I don't spend a lot of time alone. I am not the kind of person that needs much "me time" where I am not with someone, engaged in activity or conversation. So when I do get by myself (especially in a relaxing environment), my brain goes bonkers with all sorts of whatever thoughts.

Traveling alone is one of those times. Right now I am flying to Tampon, Florida and I am amused at the weird thoughts I get stuck on. Here are three examples:

1). I like square packaged Starburst more than the bagged kind. When they come in the normal long, rectangle package, then they alternate evenly between the four colors yellow, orange, pink and red. You always know what the next one is and you know you aren't getting too many or too few of any one color. You get color fairness. While that eliminates any chance that I will get extra pinks, I can trade that for the predictability. The bags of Starburst are just a bit too stressful.

2). Why did all the place settings at the Chili's Too restaurant have a REAL fork but a PLASTIC knife? What efficiency (time or money) could that provide? My first thought was too few clean knives...but that is ludicrous. If someone is cleaning dishes, they can clean the knives with the forks. Plastic doesn't cut better than metal AND they get thrown away, creating additional waste over metal.

3). The Delta flight I was on today still used a VCR!!!!! The tracking was off and it kept spinning. I suddenly felt like I was in the late 80s and I was trying to fix the tracking on the remote control. It was crazy. I thought about DVDs vs. VHS and realized that Max will never fix the tracking on a movie during a sleepover and I kind of felt sad for him in a weird way.

That is my brain on time. Any questions?


Brigham said...

Only plastic knives at Chili's Too because you're past security and could sneak the real one onto the plane and hijack it.

Once a terrorist attempts something with a fork or spoon it's all over for everyone.

I was on a flight with a VCR a few years ago and it brought a Chinatown bus feeling to the whole endeavor.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Brigham, you're a genius. Or I'm slow. Or both.

Brigham said...

Re:VCR tracking, consider this:
Max will never blow inside an NES cartridge to get it to work. At a sleepover.

SweetAbbs said...

Lol tracking. Totally forgot about tracking and trying to get the fuzzy line off the screen. Ha!