06 June 2011

Flipped Off

What's better than a local ward pancake feed provided by the Elder's Quorum? I guess IHop...but still, this is FREE (unless you consider tithing and then it probably is like a $40 breakfast...but still! Pancakes!). The EQ in Fort Lauderdale is currently run a trio of fine southern gentlemen. That's southern California, southern Canada, and south wherever Seth is from.
That said - let's get to the people! Joselyn and James were in da crazy hizace gettin' ready to stuff some face with carbohydrate laden flatties and sausage patties. Dope! James and I talk about music sometimes. Its nice when you meet people who like music outside of Top 40.The pancake feed was for the old.
and the young riff-raff.Paul flips the flap jacks in a way that really shows he is Canadian and from the land of maple syrup. I'm sure this kid learned how to make pancakes before he learned how to pee standing up.I snapped this classic photo of the missionaries right as they got told by an investigator that they wouldn't be making it to the breakfast. Isn't that depressed and downtrodden expression classic??? I miss that feeling. Oh wait, no I don't.Finally! What I came for...pancakes galore! They were delicious, the weather was amazing, the people in the ward fantastic. It was a great Saturday morning to be in the area.

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