18 March 2009

Gino's Feast

Caitlin is on a mission to try all the deep dish pizza places she can here in Chicago to do her own comparison. We are all tired of hearing one person say that Giordano's is the best deep dish and then hearing the next person say Carmens is the best deep dish. So we need to just find out for ourselves. With that drive, we forced Scott and Ellen to meet us downtown for some serious pizza action at Gino's East.Scott and I had both had Gino's East before, but Ellen and Caitlin had not. Would they love it, or turn their noses? After some serious deliberation regarding toppings, we finally agreed upon a half vegetable, half meat lovers pizza.While we took in the goodness, Caitlin and i snapped the classic requisite photos. Everyone agreed that the pizza was wildly delicious. Both Caitlin and I agreed that we like Giordano's a little bit better. While the corn crust at Gino's is very good and the cheese is probably the best of the two, Gino's was very saucy and sometimes overly so. Plus, you can't deny the garlicky goodness that is Giordano's crust. Next on our list is Carmen's. Any other suggestions?
It was awesome to see Scott and Ellen after months of no visual. We all agree that while the distance is not that great, both parties can be crazy busy. We decided we need to step it up a notch and make friendship happen. OH, and I have decided Ellen needs a permanent live in nanny to help her, preferably one who will work for free. Any takers? Give the woman a break!
As Caitlin and I walked back to the El train, we walked past the ridiculously huge McDonalds downtown. When we saw that they were selling Shamrockin' Shakes for St. Patrick's Day, I couldn't help but join the crowds and point in amazement.
A proud owner of a Shamrockin' Shake.It was shamrockalicious. Please note that Caitlin was also a partaker in this shake. Thank you McDonalds.


Unknown said...

Have you guys had Malnati's yet? Gino's and Malnati's are my two favorites.
Oh...you're gonna poop green today after that Shamrock Shake. Book it.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Geoff - the response was immediate. I pooped green that very evening, with pride!

Ellen said...

What flavor was the shake? Lime? Or just vanilla with green food coloring?

Thanks for helping us get away for a night and for suggesting Gino's. It was so fun and the pizza was delicious. The only negative was me not identifying where that mysterious chocolate smell was coming from. It will haunt me forever.

Unknown said...

Ellen -- let me field those questions for you.

- I believe the Shamrock Shake (unless McDonald's has changed the formula) is mint flavored -- kind of like drinking a cup of cold, creamy toothpaste.

- I'm guessing that the chocolate odor was probably from Blommer's. There's a Blommer's chocolate factory just north of downtown Chicago. When they're producing, you can smell that baby for miles.