08 October 2012

Who Is Dumb Enough to Go Camping With Babies? Us.

What's that Gammies? You are bored of just sitting around the house watching Max play with toys? You want to get your gigantic cheeks out into nature? Caitlin had this idea that we, along with three other couples with kids age 3 or less, should go camping for two days in Lake Geneva. When she said that, my response was "that is basically the worst idea you have ever had. I can't imagine something I'd rather do less than what you just described."

But, because I am a loving supportive husband, I manned up and decided to give it a shot.

Max enjoyed the ride up, mostly because we stopped at Culvers and he got to have chocolate ice cream. Most of it on him, but some got in there. Seriously, is there a happier kid out there?

And we basically jumped right into the camping mindset. Sammy got all dressed up in his warm gear and kicked it under the open skies in a pack and play on and off throughout the day.

Max got busy playin with his homies and his homies' toys. We went up with Jon and Jess and their two kids Emmy and Jackson, with Dave and Ashley and their boys Eddy and George, and Lindy and Trevor with Jane and Kate. George was the oldest kid at age 3. Yeah, sounds insane, right? Well, it turned out to be awesome. We had a great time with our friends and their kids, Max got to have some great new experiences with tents, fires, and nature, and we got to be out camping...which is great.

We didn't completely rough it...we did bring Diet Coke.

My little camping dudes...love them to death.

Emmy having some fun, mostly flirting with Max.

Jon and Jess and crew, just some new friends we be making...no big deal.

Here is what Gammy looked like around 7am. This kid did amazing camping. Only woke up once or twice just to eat...totally amazing.

Here is the kid I was most worried about...Max. But he loved it in the tent and his own bag. This was the moment we decided to move him into his own big boy bed, which I think has gone great. I could never have predicted having such a great two nights with these kids. Maybe Caitlin isn't as crazy as she sounds.

And the greatest picture ever. Max getting some lovin with treats in hand. Kid is a chick magnet...this happened without us instigating it.

Thanks Caitlin for making me not be a weenie and providing an awesome adventure yet again!!!

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Brittany said...

Jealous that these people got to go camping with you! Come to Florida, we miss you!